The Development of Branded Calling to Restore Consumer Confidence

Businesses have relied on caller ID for years to help them identify incoming calls. The subscriber experience when engaging with brands must continue to improve as communication technologies advance. To rebuild consumer confidence in voice calling and repair the harm that robocalls have done to consumers, companies, and carriers, it is a good idea to start by accelerating the development and deployment of branded calling coupled with analytics solutions.

What is Branded Calling?

Branded calling is a technology that lets companies show a company name and location on a phone display, letting customers know who is calling before the call begins. This helps boost answer rates, increase conversions and improve customer retention.

It’s also an excellent way to reassure consumers that the call isn’t spam or a scam, and it will be verified by STIR/SHAKEN call authentication, so consumers can feel safe if they choose to answer.

Business communications are changing due to the quick evolution of branded calling. As a result, many available solutions assert being able to offer branded caller IDs. New technology from STIR/SHAKEN makes it necessary for telecom service providers to authenticate and digitally sign calls they originate and verify marked calls they receive, enabling the evolution of branded calling. This technology is essential to address the problem of robocalls and call spoofing.

This technology enables brands to show their logo, name and location on an incoming call screen, allowing the customers to see a brand logo on the mobile phone they’re receiving the call on before it even starts. This is an innovative way to help your business stand out and make a positive impression on your customers.

Branded calling is also a great way to boost customer engagement by adding rich content to an outbound phone call. This includes things like logos, e-business cards and social media links. It’s also an intelligent way to build trust with your customers and prospects by displaying helpful information like the name of a pharmacy, a school or a local government agency.

Branded Call Display

Branded call display (BCD) equips customers with the knowledge they need to decide whether or not to answer for businesses looking to increase customer engagement through the phone channel. Your full name, company address, logos, e-business cards, social media links, and a checkmark indicating that the call has been authenticated by STIR/SHAKEN call authentication are all displayed on the mobile display. This is to reassure your callers that it is you who is calling. The remedy improves customer engagement, stops revenue loss, and safeguards your brand while increasing answer rates and retention. Unlike other branded calling solutions, branded call display ensures a consistent, dependable experience across all top carriers.

Branded Caller ID 

In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by robocalls and phone scams, it’s become difficult to know whether an incoming call is trustworthy or fraudulent.

Branded caller ID (BCI) is a way to help customers make informed decisions about calls they receive. It lets them see the company name, location, logo, e-business card, and other context, to help them know who’s calling before they pick up.

It increases answer rates and customer retention, reverses revenue loss, and protects your brand. It’s available across over 400 million devices without any integrations or additional software required.

Powered by STIR/SHAKEN call authentication, BCI delivers a branded display of the company name and caller ID on supported handsets. Consumers can see the company name, logo, and information about the call, such as billing issues or delivery schedules.

Branded Calling Enrichment

In addition to reducing the impact of robocalls, branded calling is also a critical tool for enterprises that rely on phone calls to engage with customers. It increases contact rates and extends call duration, increasing revenue by improving customer engagement.

Insurance companies can use enhanced brand content (EBC) to ensure that their calls are not marked as spam and are correctly displayed on the call recipient’s incoming caller ID, fostering greater consumer trust between the company and the customer. Health organizations that rely on voice as a primary communication channel can also leverage EBC to display helpful information on an incoming call screen that improves the call and user experience through more interactive interaction.

Nonprofits that rely on outbound donor communications are often limited by low answer rates and blocked and marked as spam. By leveraging EBC to add a branded caller ID, nonprofits can make their donors feel heard and recognized and help more donors support their cause.

Branded Calling Analytics

Branded calling analytics is a set of capabilities that enable businesses to use data to make smarter marketing decisions. These include audience segmentation and targeting, personalized routing for lead generation, whisper messages that arm sales reps with general customer information, and automated sales performance and evaluation tools.

As a result, brands can engage with customers at the right time and day. Moreover, they can also use technology to improve employee experience and job satisfaction.

The evolution of branded calling solutions is driven by the need for more reliable and trustworthy communications. The rise of scam calls and the ever-evolving sophistication of bad actors have made it increasingly more work to establish person-to-person connections by phone.

A robust branded calling solution that includes STIR/SHAKEN call authentication helps businesses verify that incoming calls are legitimate and not being spoofed. The technology also allows companies to increase live answer rates and extend call durations.

Most vendors also offer some level of call tracking that enables businesses to attribute inbound calls to online search, display, social or email campaigns. Organizations can use this information to optimize their campaigns and measure ROI more accurately. They can also create a more unified customer view by integrating call analytics data with CRM, marketing automation and tag management systems. This gives marketers a complete picture of prospects and customers, enabling more targeted, personalized marketing.