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What is the Value of a 2018 D Nickel?

What is the value of a 2018-D nickel? This type of coin was minted in the United States for 50 years, and was largely unnoticed until it was discovered in 2005. Its value has increased substantially ever since, reaching a high of $85,250 in 2018. The average nickel will go up to $3.60 in MS67 or MS68 condition. If you have one, consider selling it for more than that – it could be worth millions.

Buffalo nickels are incredibly rare, with just 200 in existence and fewer than 15 in mint condition. In 2004, a Buffalo nickel sold for $281,750, a price which would reach $431,200 in 2022 dollars. Buffalo nickels were produced by the San Francisco mint, and while other mints had millions of them, the San Francisco mint only struck 970,000 in 1926. But if you can find one in outstanding condition, it can be worth as much as $61,550.

One of the most valuable types of 1950s is the high-D mintmark Jefferson nickel. This coin is highly sought after and is worth $50-$250 in circulated or uncirculated grade. In addition, the “S” mintmark on proof coins was reworked by the United States Mint late in 1979. Now, the “S” mintmark on proof coins has a more distinct look. This change made it easier to identify these coins, which is why this type is so desirable to coin collectors.

In addition to 1885 nickels, the 1913 Liberty Head V nickel is worth $5.25 million, while the 1964 Jefferson Nickel with mirror brockage is worth $138000. This type of coin is considered to be the most valuable nickel ever made. A premium-quality 1885 nickel, like the SP68, can fetch you over $32,000. Several other important years for nickel collectors are 1914 and 1913. Both of these years saw the design change from Liberty Head to Buffalo.