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What Is Perfex CRM?

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Perfex CRM is a powerful in-source CRM software. It allows you to create invoices, track items, and generate reports. You can also connect customers across distribution lists using the CRM’s API. To access the API, you need to be a member of the System namespace and use the DataContractResolver class.

Perfex CRM has a new feature called Scroll Responsive Tables. These tables are designed to be viewed on any device, and can be scrolled horizontally and sorted. Previous versions of the software did not have the option to edit notes and proposals. The latest version adds this feature.

Another new feature in Perfex CRM is Appointly, which allows you to schedule appointments directly in the CRM. The Perfex CRM platform also includes beautiful dashboards. It supports at least one language and a browser that is custom-built for each project. To get started, you can sign up for a free trial.

To install Perfex CRM, you must have an account with the right server permissions. You can ask your hosting provider for assistance if you are unsure of the required permissions. In addition, Perfex CRM requires 755 permissions for files and folders. Make sure that you enable mod_rewrite and hidden files. However, make sure to only apply these changes if you are receiving a 404 error. Otherwise, you may end up being auto-redirected to the default WordPress 404 page.

Moreover, Perfex CRM also has options for GDPR compliance. The GDPR is an EU law that protects the personal information of individuals. In addition to the default export options, you can enable the option to export GDPR data in a human-readable JSON format.