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The Wide AM Variety of the 1996 Lincoln Memorial Cent

The wide am variety of the 1996 Lincoln Memorial Cent has been reported by Billy Crawford, author of the bi-monthly Die Variety News. The Wide AM variety of the 1996 cent is said to contain a 50-degree rotational error in the reverse die. Unfortunately, the wide am variety coin was stolen and was never authenticated by a third party grading service. To learn more about the 1996 wide am penny, read the following article.

The close AM variety is not as rare as the wide AM. Wide AM cents are not as common as 1992 cents, but they are still very rare. In addition to wide AM varieties, wide AM cents were also struck on proof reverse dies in 1998 and 1999. In addition, the wide AM varieties were intended for proof coins, but some dies were accidentally used for business strikes. Consequently, the wide AM variety of the 1996 cents has a close AM.

The doubled die pennies of 1996 have some damage that is post-mint. Those with post-mint damage are known as double-die pennies. These pennies are valuable because they have two dies, but their value is not high. Those that have the double-die 1996 penny are worth between $20 to $50. If you are lucky enough to find one of these pennies, you’ll be able to buy it at a local coin dealer or from an antique auction.

While a rare, high-grade 1996 wide am penny can be worth $1 on com, most of them do not have a mintmark and will only be worth a few cents. The value of the wide am penny depends on its rarity, grading, and condition. If you have one, take advantage of it and get it at the earliest opportunity. It could be an excellent investment. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to collect rare pennies, then you should consider buying some online.

The Lincoln Memorial cent has two varieties – the Wide AM and Close AM. The close AM variety has a wider A-M spacing than the Wide AM variety. The Wide AM version is a popular option if you’re looking to buy an antique Lincoln penny. And if you’re looking for a rare one, then consider buying a 1996 wide AM penny. You’ll never know when it’s going to be the perfect choice!