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The SRK House Mannat

If you are fond of vintage interiors, you must visit the SRK house Mannat. The 1920s-era Grade III heritage villa is an intricate combination of modern and vintage decor. The interiors were designed by Gauri Gandhi and Tom Dixon. The house features a grand living room, a library, two living rooms and a private bar. The lavish interiors include MF Hussain paintings and luxurious furnishings.

SRK has maintained a separate professional and private life. His home features a dedicated room to cinema art, complete with framed Charlie Chaplin’s stick and vintage posters of classic films. There is also a collection of movies, and 42 leather recliners. This movie lover’s dream has been turned into reality. SRK’s home is full of eccentric features. Besides, the décor is very stylish, and it is not hard to imagine why.

The interior of the Mannat is very lavish, combining Italian and neo-classical elements with a chic design. It boasts a tennis court and a lavish swimming pool. Besides this, SRK wanted to build a huge prayer room, a gym, and a boxing ring in the backyard. The interior of the Mannat house also includes a fusion of vintage and modern decor.

SRK has a home theatre in Mannat. The walls are adorned with movie posters, including those from Sholay and Mughal-E-Azam. The cinema room has 42 leather recliners and a movie collection to rival the star’s own. The spacious terrace is perfect for socializing or just relaxing with your loved ones. You can get a glimpse of the interiors of Mannat by reading Shahrukh Khan’s social media posts.

The interiors of the Mannat-Khan house are also beautifully designed by Gauri Khan. The dark wooden table drips with the royal touch, while the purple velvet chairs and low candle chandeliers complete the look. The SRK-Khan house is the perfect blend of modern and traditional décor. It is an impressive home that shows SRK’s love and affection for his wife. And what better way to spend the evening than relaxing in this home?

The interiors of the Shahrukh Khan home are as contemporary and stylish as the actor himself. Despite the neo-classical aesthetics of the SRK home, the interiors are adorned with a variety of curios. A few notable highlights of Mannat’s interiors include a life-size marble Radha-Krishna sculpture and four-foot black vases from Paris.

Despite its fame, Shah Rukh Khan’s house in Mumbai is a hot tourist attraction. Fans of the actor often huddle outside the building to get a glimpse of the star. The nameplate of his house, which reads “Mannat Land’s End”, has changed four times over the past decade. The new nameplate was purchased for a sum of Rs 20-25 lakh. It is also said to be worth at least Rs 172 crore.

The house is spread over an area of over 27, 000 square feet, and features amenities that would rival super-rich homes in the world. It includes a posh lounge for narrating and a well-equipped gym. It also has a glitzy, modern kitchen that is sure to delight his culinary sense. A visit to the Mannat house is a must-do for any diehard Bollywood fan.