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The Net Worth of Eligio Bishop

The net worth of Eligio Bishop is unknown at the moment. However, this young man has gained much attention for his controversial ways. He has been accused of leading a cult, a group that has a huge following on social media. The latest news about Bishop has come in the form of a video released by The Lurker, in which police can be seen approaching his home and removing a number of weapons.

Eligio Bishop, also known as Natureboy, has an estimated net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The former model and stripper has been arrested several times for crimes, including rape, wrongful detention, and sending revenge pornography. His moniker was derived from a 1948 song by Nat King Cole. Bishop is thought to have amassed his wealth through various careers, including working as a model, hair stylist, and stripper.

Bishop has worked as a model, male stripper, and exotic dancer. His sexuality is highly controversial, as he has admitted to getting paid for sex. His social media presence is huge, with numerous videos and online music. Bishop has also founded the carbon nation, a group that has been described as a “black nonconformity” religion. While his net worth is unknown, Bishop has attracted the attention of many through his work.

While his net worth may not be enormous, Bishop’s criminal history does not mean that he is without financial hardship. He spent some time in Georgia where he was arrested for forcible entry, theft, and serious battery. Bishop has since attended a hair styling school in Atlanta and has opened a hair salon in Atlanta. As of 2014, Bishop is rumored to have worked on the Mo’Nique Show and has a large following on social media.

The net worth of Eligio Bishop is not known yet, as he is a controversial figure in the media. He has reportedly been questioned by the FBI in the wake of the Branch Davidian siege. His followers are not buying into his beliefs, and he is also challenging the definition of a cult. Bishop has even accused the United States and Canada of a cult and asked the government to remove him from these countries. The United States and Canada are currently investigating him for possible crimes against national security.

Eligio Bishop is currently in jail on several felony charges, including rape and false imprisonment. His bond was denied in April by Judge Mark Scott, claiming that Bishop is a flight risk. The raid on his home in Georgia was a result of a criminal investigation into the group. Eligio Bishop’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. So, the next time you’re wondering how much Eligio Bishop is worth, consider all this.