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The Legacy of Gaither’s Homecoming Friends That Are Dead

Many of the stars of the Gaither Homecoming Celebration have been killed. Aaron Wilburn, Stephen Hill, and Rex Nelon are all gone from our world. What can we say about those who remained? Here are some facts. They were all gospel singers, and all of them had a profound impact on their audiences. We can also remember their influence on their respective sons and daughters. In this article, we will look at the legacy of the stars of Gaither’s Homecoming Celebration.

Rex Nelon

Rex Nelon, one of Gaither’s closest friends, died on January 23 in London. The Southern gospel singer was in the UK filming a new video series with Gaither. He and Judy were both members of the legendary quartet LeFevres, which was eventually renamed to the Nelons. Rex and Judy were also members of the Gaither Homecoming tour.

He died of a heart attack on Jan. 24, 2000, the night before the London Homecoming taping. Nelon was 68 years old. His death impacted Gaither and his fans deeply. Rex and Gloria Gaither were together at the time of his death, but their friendship continued. Nelon is survived by his son and wife, Roger, and his brother, Bill.

The Gaither Homecoming series was an unexpected event, and was largely improvised. The group had just wrapped up a recording session at a Nashville, Tennessee studio, and had a session of songs with the best southern gospel voices in the world. Many members stayed after the session and sang classic gospel standards at the piano. The recording sessions began spontaneously and were later edited together.

Aaron Wilburn

Sadly, one of Gaither’s homecoming friends is dead – singer and songwriter Aaron Wilburn. Wilburn passed away on Nov. 27 after a long battle with COVID-19. Born in Ardmore, Alabama, Wilburn rose to fame as a member of the Happy Goodman Family in the 1970s, and was often featured in the group’s music videos. Sadly, Wilburn was not able to perform at his upcoming homecoming concert this year.

The concert at Gaither Studios in Nashville, Tennessee was barely planned, with the artists staying late after the session to chat and sing old standards around the piano. As the concert went on, Gaither was able to sign autographs and sing a few favorites from his homecoming album, Small Town. This impromptu session is a classic in the genre. Throughout the event, Gaither was joined by friends and family who have passed away.

Jonathan Pierce

If you’re a fan of Southern Gospel and CCM music, you know how beloved the voice of Jonathan Pierce can be. He was a part of several Christian music groups, including the famous Imperials in the early 1990s, and later became a solo act. Jonathan Pierce was a member of the Gaither Vocal Band and starred on Country Music Television’s Ultimate Country Home. Sadly, the singer passed away last week after complications from a heart surgery.

In the show, Gaither is mourning the loss of a friend and former member, Jonathan Pierce. A former member of the Gaither Vocal Band, he was also the lead singer for the band’s album “Love Is a Beautiful Thing.” Jonathan Pierce is also the author of the book titled Gaither’s Homecoming: A Memoir. Jones’s fictional character Savannah is a fan of Jonathan Pierce. She’s a graduate of the University of South Carolina’s School of Journalism.

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill was a gospel singer, songwriter, and teacher who was also featured in several of Bill & Gloria Gaither’s “Homecoming” series. He passed away suddenly in August, after suffering a heart attack. He had been in Lumberton, North Carolina, for a concert. The family has not released a statement regarding the cause of death. However, it is believed that he was a hospice patient.

The name “Gaither Homecoming” is an apt description for the popular Christian music series organized and promoted by Bill Gaither. The series has included more than 60 music videos, dozens of recordings, and an annual concert tour. In 2004, more than half a million people attended the concert tour, proving its popularity. Its enduring appeal is not only reflected in the number of fans but also in the popularity of Gaither.