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The Best Way to Smoke Moon Rocks

the best way to smoke moon rocks

The best way to smoke moon rocks is to break them into small pieces. Before you roll them up, lay the ground bud or flower on a filter. Then, lay the moon rock pieces evenly over the flower. Roll it just like you would a regular joint. Ensure proper burn by rolling in a quiet place. Make sure that you use the correct amount of ground flower and moon rock pieces. Then, place the joint in a safe, well-ventilated area.


While you can enjoy the benefits of moon rocks by adding them to edibles, many people find that smoking them is the most enjoyable way to experience their potent effects. Although you can use glassware instead of blunts or rolling papers, smoking moon rocks is best performed in a quiet setting. To prevent the creation of a mess, you should clean your moon rock bowl with soap, water, or rubbing alcohol. To make cleaning easier, keep the bowl in a ziplock bag.

One of the best parts about smoking moon rocks is their unique appearance. When paired with glassware, you can avoid the risk of spilling the substance on your drink or your glass. While the moon rock may not look like much, the craze for smoking it has spread like wildfire. While many people enjoy the rock-like look, it’s not for everyone. Smoking moon rocks with glassware may not be suitable for people who are highly sensitive to tar or other chemicals.

Using a pipe or bong

Typically, moon rocks are smoked in a bong or glass pipe. However, you can also use a rolling paper and fork tips to roll them into a joint. The greasy texture of moon rocks makes them difficult to light on their own. Besides being difficult to light, moon rocks can also be added to flower or ground bud for rolling. These rolled products are typically known as blunts or joints.

While the high from smoking moon rocks can be extremely relaxing, it is important to make sure you’re in a good atmosphere. If you’re not surrounded by a positive vibe and comfortable surroundings, you’ll be in a sticky state. The high that Moon Rocks produce can make you feel stuck in a trance, so it’s recommended that you smoke them in an environment where you can chill.

Avoiding a grinder

When smoking moon rocks, you’ll want to avoid using a grinder. The high can be very intense, and you’ll want to keep your dose small. The larger the bowl, the more vapor will escape, so you’ll want to avoid a grinder. A smaller bowl also means less smoke lost to carbonization and you can save some for later. Also, because moon rocks have a very high THC content, it’s important to avoid overdoing it.

While it’s tempting to use a grinder to create an even ashtray, it’s best to avoid one altogether. These gadgets can oversaturate your buds, which can make it hard to light them and can lead to longer smoking time. A glass is the best tool to use to smoke moon rocks, as it is far more effective than rolling papers or empty swisher wrappers.

Smoking in a quiet location

If you’re a newcomer to moon rocks, there are some precautions you should follow before you light up. The first rule is that you need to drink water, even if you don’t plan on smoking moon rocks. Moon rocks can be quite potent. If you’re not well hydrated beforehand, you can easily become dehydrated, which can lead to cottonmouth. To avoid this, make sure you have a gallon of water nearby. While high, you won’t want to move, but you’ll want to.

While moon rocks are commonly added to edibles, the high from this stone is often more intense than that of standard flower. This high THC content makes it difficult to light, but seasoned cannabis users can mix moon rocks with their favorite flower to get a smooth, mellow, and relaxing high. While weed smokers can use moon rocks in their joints, they’re best smoked in a quiet area.

Using a butane lighter

When smoking moon rocks, you need to keep your fire low and consistent. Avoid using a blunt or rolling papers for this purpose. It is best to use glass. You may even use empty swisher wrappers if you can find them. The smoke from the moon rock needs to be inhaled in small bursts. When smoking moon rocks, make sure you hold the rock in your lungs for a few seconds.

When smoking moon rocks, you should be aware of the potential for damage to your lungs, lips, and other body parts. Moon rocks contain high levels of THC, which causes an increase in appetite. This means that they will provide a quick-acting stimulant. However, moon rock smokers should always keep an extra glass of water nearby. The effects of moon rocks are quite different from those from regular weed.