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Shekinah Jo Net Worth

Shekinah Jo is a well-known hair stylist and reality television personality. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and is an American citizen. She earned her cosmetology degree from the Empire Beauty School and Platinum Hit Salon in Atlanta. At the young age of 12, she began styling hair for friends and family. Since then, she has been featured in several magazines and acted as a stylist for other celebrities. She also appeared in several reality shows and has made her net worth even higher by gaining fame from her work.

The American beauty has been a prominent figure in the hair industry for years. She is also a fashion designer, owning a salon in Atlanta. Her thriving beauty line and salon has a strong reputation for glamour. She has been featured in several magazines including XXL and Essence. Shekinah has a net worth of approximately $1 million, making her one of the highest-paid black women on TV.

Shekinah Anderson was born on 31 May 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia. She has one sister, and was raised by her mother and stepfather. She has always had a passion for hair styling. She started styling hair at the tender age of twelve. She earned her Certificate from the Platinum Hair Salon. During her education, she paid for all her expenses while attending the Empire Beauty School. She also has a YouTube channel with thousands of followers.

Shekinah Jones is the only Kardashian reality TV star to have a million Instagram followers. She is a petite beauty who stands at 5 feet tall. Her height and body measurements are good, and her weight is proportional to her height. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts have tens of thousands of followers, and she is an active member of various social media sites. It is possible that she earned her net worth by appearing on many shows and television series.

Shekinah Anderson has a net worth of $200 thousand. Most of her income comes from her work as a hair stylist for famous people. Shekinah Anderson has appeared in some reality shows, but has earned a reasonable amount from endorsement deals. She has also promoted many popular brands through her social media accounts. The actress has worked her way up to becoming a celebrity in the hair styling industry. Shekinah Anderson has achieved this level of success despite her lack of personal life, so her net worth is likely to keep rising.

While Shekinah is still single, she has had two abortions. Originally, she was not yet ready to have a child. However, she feels she has no regrets about her abortions. Shekinah has been single since 2012, but has no children. The actress has no children. She is not married, and has never been in a serious relationship. Shekinah has one sister and a stepfather.