react router attempted import error 3217

React Router – Attempted Import Error

attempted import error usehistory is not exported from reactrouterdom

React Router provides a hook for navigation called useHistory, which provides access to history instances to navigate through the application. To use the hook, you must have React 16.8 or higher. This is a prerequisite to integrating React Router with hooks.

The ‘useHistory’ module has been replaced by ‘useNavigate’ in react-router-dom v6. It must be replaced with useNavigate in order to use it in older versions.

React Router has a redirect component which is no longer used. If you need to use this component in your application, you can import it from’react-router-DOM’. However, you may run into a problem if you try to import a component that does not support this feature.

This error occurs when react-router-dom is updated to version 6. This update fixes an issue where the switch ‘usehistory’ is not exported. This warning should not be ignored. You should also update your project to version 5.2.0 or higher if you are running a development version.