pymongo errors configure unknown option 3235

pymongo.errors.configure – Unknown Option

pymongoerrorsconfigurationerror unknown option sslcertreqs

The pymongo.errors.configure error is typically caused by an unknown option in the configuration file. For example, you may have a configuration file for SSL, but it does not specify which SSL certificate to use. If this is the case, you’ll see the following error message in the console.

If you encounter this error when using MongoDB, you might have an issue with TLS/SSL. This can be resolved by upgrading your operating system to a newer version or using a third-party module to install it. However, if you are using Python 2 on Windows, you’ll want to use Python 3 or later. For older versions of Python, you can install the wincertstore module. Alternatively, you can install certifi, which uses the Mozilla CA bundle. You can also pass the certificate as a part of the MongoDB URI.

If you don’t know the name of your SSL certificate, you can use a “_” instead of “.ssl_cert_req.” This will ensure that the server will accept your SSL certificate.

New versions of PyMongo include pymongo.version 1.7. This version adds new features and fixes bugs. Among the changes is that pymongo no longer attempts to build on big-endian systems, and it adds support for document_class. It also handles aware datetime instances by converting them to UTC. Previously, the pool size was hard-coded at 10; now you can specify a different value. Another change is that you can specify query fields as keyword arguments to get_version, get_last_version, or gridfs.

Another major change in PyMongo is that it now supports MongoDB 3.2. This version also drops support for MongoDB 2.4. It introduces new server features and fixes several bugs since the previous PyMongo 3.0.3 release.