possible causes of an error while loading code module ssrsresources 1420

Possible Causes of an Error While Loading Code Module SSRSresources

If you encounter an error while loading the code module SSRSresources, there are some things you can try to fix the problem. The first thing you should do is to make sure your application is not in the “invalid” state. This is often caused by a custom DLL. Typically, these DLLs have a version of, a culture of neutral, and a public key of null. If you have such a DLL, it is advisable to copy it to the shared DLL folder of VS2017.

Another possible cause of an error while loading the code module srsresources is a periodic SRS transmission frequency error. This type of error can occur if your UE is not configured to receive CSI-RS signaling. If your UE is correctly configured, however, it will continue to send periodic SRS configuration information to the gNB. Once this happens, you should disable your UE’s SRS resource allocation feature.

If your UE is using SRS and needs more or less resources, you may need to send a sync-RS message. The eNB will then send a TA command to the UE if the timing error exceeds a threshold value. This is the same process as when a UE sends an RS request, but the difference is that the sync-RS does not go through the eNB’s demodulation channel.