pl sql error code frm 40733 3253

PL/SQL Error Code FRM-40733

frm40733 plsql builtin dbmserrorcode failed

PL/SQL error codes are a way to report errors in database queries. These can include common SELECT INTO clause failures. This type of failure is caused by a number of different issues, including invalid data, conversion errors, invalid cursor operations, or an invalid character string.

A generic error can occur in a number of situations, including using a table with the built-in TABLE_OF_ANY or TABLE_FROM_BLOCK. When a table is used with these functions, it cannot return more than one row. Therefore, you must create a test-case to recreate the failure and prevent it in future.

The logic for the operation is wrong or the Built-in was incorrectly invoked during the execution of the trigger. The application then receives a generic error message. In some cases, you may need to contact Oracle Support Services to help you resolve the issue.

FRM-40733 is an error code generated by PL/SQL’s dbms_error_code_failed function. The error code can occur in a number of ways, but the most common one is when a SELECT INTO clause fails. Specifically, it can occur when a character string is converted into a number and the query returns no rows. When a SELECT INTO clause fails, SQLCODE returns a number code that is associated with the failure. This error code can be used in IF statements to report a failure.