nevada pooping horse quarter 2813

Nevada Pooping Horse Quarter

You’ve probably seen a Nevada pooping horse quarter in your local coin shop, but if you’ve never collected them, you’re missing out. These incredibly rare pieces feature the infamous bucking horse and rider, and are an incredible visual shock to collectors. While the bucking horse may be a rarer occurrence than you think, the pooping horse quarter is still worth its face value!

The first Nevada state quarter was released on the steps of the State Capitol building in Carson City. The trio of wild horses depicted on the reverse of the coin capture the free spirit of the American spirit and the wild beauty of Nevada. There are four possible die combinations for quarters produced in 1828, and this coin shows the rarest one. The obverse is the result of the marriage of two different dies, and the reverse is from the last variety of the B-2. The die that struck this coin has deteriorated considerably.