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LG Washer UE Error Code – What Causes This Error and How to Fix It

If your LG washer is displaying UE error code, the problem is probably due to an unbalanced load. The UE error indicates that the load is not balanced correctly and will not spin properly. You can resolve this problem by rebalancing the load and repairing the faulty component. Here are some common causes of this error code and how to fix them. If you’ve received the error message UE, follow the steps outlined in this article to find the solution.

The main cause of this error code in your LG washer could be a loose motor nut or rotor mounting nut. If these two components are not loose, you may need to replace them. Another possible cause of UE error code in LG washing machine is worn suspension rod. This rod is what makes the washing machine vibrate and makes a lot of noise. Fortunately, you can repair this problem yourself.

Sometimes, an LG washer may display the UE error code. This code can mean a number of different things, from minor issues to more serious malfunctions. Depending on the problem, it can indicate that the machine needs some extra load of laundry. To make sure that you have enough load, try redistributing the weight of the laundry. Also, make sure that the load is balanced before starting the spin cycle.

If you cannot fix the UE error code yourself, contact a service technician for help. An experienced technician can easily replace the four suspension rods on the machine. This will help keep the tub balanced and ensure the basket spins smoothly. If the UE code occurs, the electronic control board can’t detect the unbalanced load properly. In such a case, it will cancel the cycle. If this occurs, you should contact a repair technician.

If you still cannot figure out why you are receiving the UE error code, there are a few things you can try first. Try using a bubble level device. Place the device on the washer. If it isn’t level, try adding more items to the load to make it more balanced. If the error code is gone after doing these steps, it is most likely due to an uneven load. But before you call a technician, try balancing the load and check again.

Another common cause of UE error code is oversized or single-item loads. Loads that are too small to be balanced in the spin basket may cause the UE error. Loosening up the load by taking out smaller items from the load can help. This will also avoid the need to re-start the load from the beginning. You can also try changing the control board and display.

In the case of a front-loading washer, a serious malfunction could be a faulty electrical board. If you suspect this, consult a certified technician. In some cases, the problem may require hardware repair expertise. If you suspect a malfunction, you’ll need to bring your washer to a professional. It may be best to take the appliance to a professional who knows how to diagnose and repair LG washers.