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Leserve DAO

The Leserve DAO is a decentralized organization in which the tokens are staked. Token holders earn interest through the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on the protocol. Holders also have voting rights, though voting power is not directly tied to tokens in the DAO. Holders can also take a self-repaying loan against their holdings and enjoy discounts on Leserve treasury services.

The Leserve DAO is an Olympus fork on the Terra blockchain. It aims to integrate with the Terra ecosystem and other DeFi protocols while concentrating on the DAO. This will help determine the future of the protocol. The strategy is to use the DAO to provide a platform for flash loans and asset lending. It also aims to allow users to purchase locked assets for a discount. Investors will have the opportunity to control the LSRV value by participating in Leserve DAO.