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Lactonic Perfumes

One of the most interesting scents on the market is one that mimics the scent of coconut, or a milky aroma. This perfume is often referred to as an ozonic scent, and is perfect for people who are interested in the ocean’s clean scents. A new fragrance, Milk by Commodity, uses this lactonic fragrance to appeal to those who are looking for a fresh and clean scent. This fragrance contains a top note of Milk, a middle note of Natural Musk, and base notes of Tonka Bean, Mahogany, and Marshmallow.

Milky notes can be rendered with the use of a lactone. This is especially useful when the scent you’re wearing is meant to evoke childhood memories. The scent of milk enhances floral elements and pairs well with sweeter elements. In addition, milky notes are often found in gourmand perfumes, which are typically Oriental in nature. These perfumes are reminiscent of milky desserts and will bring back memories of childhood.

The word lactonic refers to the fragrances that contain cyclic esters, a chemical compound group composed of carboxylic acid and alcohol. A lactonic perfume is a balanced blend of sweet and marshmallow notes, with a tinge of firewood accord. Another popular lactonic scent is Gold Sugar, a floral bouquet with a gourmand note of coconut and creme brule. Australian sandalwood and musk round out the base notes.