kafka errors unrecognizedbrokerversion 3255


kafkaerrorsunrecognizedbrokerversion unrecognizedbrokerversion

If you’re running a Kafka-python implementation, you should be able to run it on the most recent version of the broker. However, be aware that some features are not fully implemented. For example, if you want to use transactional producer/consumer support, you need a 0.9 or newer-version broker. In this case, you’ll have to write custom code in order to use the latest features. Otherwise, you can still use older brokers by manually assigning partitions to each instance. However, this approach will not allow for rebalancing on failures.

You can use the max_in-flight_requests_per_connection property to set the number of requests that a broker can process at one time. If the broker is configured to use TCP receive and send buffers, you can specify the maximum number of requests that a single broker can process in one go.

The KafkaProducer publishes records into the Kafka cluster. This thread-safe component consists of a pool of buffer space and a background thread that turns records into requests.