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Is a Quarter From 1788 Worth Anything?

If you have an 1888 quarter in your collection, you’ll be glad to know it’s worth a little over a dollar. That’s not too bad, but a quarter from 1788 won’t do you much good unless it’s in mint condition. That’s where the rest of us come in. We’ve all wondered: Is a quarter from 1788 worth anything?

While collecting coins, it is important to know their history and condition. Many people pay attention to the quality of the coin’s condition when determining its worth. Older quarters are subject to less scrutiny than those of the 1950s because they’ve been in circulation for well over a hundred years. But even if you find an 1888 quarter, you have to keep in mind that it’s still a rare coin, so don’t expect to get a lot of money from it.

However, some quarters were made in bad quality. A 1788 quarter with a distorted date is worth as much as $20, but a quarter that dates to 1800 or earlier is worth a lot more. If you’re lucky enough to own an example of an 1888 quarter with a mirrored field, it could be worth as much as seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one of these coins at auction.

Another popular type of error coins is a Virginia quarter. In this case, there’s a chance that you’ll come across a strikethrough filled error, a rare condition that can increase the value of your coin by as much as $500. In this case, you’ll need to look at the details of the coin, since they may be missing or imperfect. If you happen to own a Virginia quarter with a strikethrough filled error, it could be worth as much as five hundred dollars.

The early bust quarter is also worth a bit more than the average. These early bust quarters were minted nearly a century ago, so they’ll show signs of wear and tear. While they’re rare, they’re still important parts of US coinage history. As such, early bust quarters have a high value for collectors in the United States and around the world.

If you’re lucky enough to find a Washington quarter that is in Mint State, you can bet it’s worth at least $5. A rare Washington quarter from the 1930s, for example, can sell for as much as $13,573 on eBay. Despite the high value of rare Washington quarters, they’re still only worth a quarter’s face value. If it’s in mint condition, however, it could be worth as much as a half dollar.

Early Bust quarters will increase in value as time goes by. However, there will be fewer of these coins in the market, and that’s another reason why these early-bust quarters are likely to rise in value in the future. In other words, the fewer Early Bust quarters on the market, the higher they’ll be. Therefore, you should consider investing in one. So, what’s a 1788 quarter worth?