how to troubleshoot speed queen commercial washer error codes 1316

How to Troubleshoot Speed Queen Commercial Washer Error Codes

To troubleshoot your Speed Queen commercial washing machine, you must first understand the various error codes that may appear on the screen. The main drive board, motor, and wire harness are the main components that could cause a malfunction. If you’ve encountered any of these errors, you can check the wire harnesses and reconnect them properly. If you’re unable to get the desired results, you may need to contact your appliance repair shop.

The nF error stands for “no fill.” When the water supply is turned on, the machine is unable to fill properly. Generally, this error appears after 15 minutes of unsuccessful filling. The water supply valves must be fully open before the washer can start working again. If you find the nF error, try cleaning the filter. A faulty solenoid coil should be replaced. Regardless of which error code you receive, it is always recommended to contact a professional appliance repair service company if you continue to experience this problem.

Once you’ve identified the cause of the error, you can perform a factory reset. This process will reset the machine to its original settings. However, you must remember to unplug the machine for at least eight minutes after performing this process. Then, test your Speed Queen commercial washer by running the full wash cycle. This will allow you to check all functions and identify any error codes. If you’re unable to solve the problem yourself, it’s important to contact the manufacturer or an official service center.

If you’ve noticed that your Speed Queen commercial washer isn’t working properly, you need to take it to a professional service. Repair Clinic has qualified technicians who will diagnose and fix problems related to Speed Queen commercial washing machines. They’ll even install a new motor. If you still have a problem with your Speed Queen commercial washing machine, you’ll need to replace the drive board. In most cases, this should be a simple fix. If all else fails, you should visit a repair clinic.

One of the most common reasons why your commercial washer is having problems mid cycle is a faulty timer. The timer is responsible for linking and completing the circuit. Test the timer for continuity and replace the faulty part. If all else fails, you can also try the manual reset method. These two methods will fix the issue. So, try to follow these steps and you’ll be washing again in no time.

If the tub seal has a torn or cracked surface, it might be due to a loose or torn seal. A loose or damaged seal can cause the tub to overflow, which can be dangerous. Moreover, if the door seal is leaking, the water supply to the machine could be a problem. Check for your warranty to make sure it’s still under warranty. If you’ve encountered these problems, be sure to check your washer with a professional to ensure it’s in good condition.