how to troubleshoot samsung refrigerator error codes 1312

How to Troubleshoot Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes

If your refrigerator has been displaying one or more Samsung refrigerator error codes, you can resolve the problem by rebooting the device. To reboot, you should unplug it from its power source and turn it off at the circuit breaker. Although this may solve the problem, Samsung warns that it is not a recommended method, since it may damage the self-diagnostic data of the appliance. Instead, you can try one of the methods described below to fix the problem.

The 88 error code is caused by a sharp interruption in the flow of current. Inverter compressor refrigerators are more susceptible to voltage fluctuations and spikes in power. When this occurs, the control board sends checks to various systems and then initiates the self-diagnostic process. A Samsung refrigerator error code is usually a sign that the icemaker or water dispenser has been damaged or is malfunctioning.

If the 88 error code is displayed during bootup, the problem is likely related to a communication fault. Power surges can damage the circuit or break the refrigerator’s power supply. Additionally, the temperature of the refrigerator will generally drop when the error code is displayed. While this error code does not affect the cooling or heating components, it does indicate a problem with the control board. Luckily, it’s easy to troubleshoot a Samsung refrigerator error code.

The error codes on your Samsung refrigerator can be frustrating, but they can be resolved. With the correct knowledge, you’ll be able to resolve these problems and prevent them from becoming a problem again. The Samsung Family Hub is located inside the refrigerator’s door on the top right. If the problem persists, you can contact a Samsung repair technician for professional assistance. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the error code, you can try the steps below.

If the defrost function is faulty, this error code may mean that the refrigerator’s auto-defrost system is malfunctioning. Check the temperature sensor or control board and replace them if necessary. If all of the above steps fail, your Samsung refrigerator might have a problem with its defrost sensor. If you suspect that the error code is related to a malfunction of the defrost sensor, try visiting the manufacturer’s website.

If these methods do not solve your problem, you can perform a manual repair. The steps to do so vary depending on the model of your Samsung refrigerator. In some models, you need to press the Lighting and EnergySaving buttons together, while others require pressing the PowerFreeze and PowerCool buttons at the same time. Press the buttons until the refrigerator displays an audible beep. After about 15 seconds, the display should turn off.

A power outage is another potential cause for a Samsung refrigerator error code. To repair this problem, you should first unplug your refrigerator. If you’re able to, you can then unthread the power save button. If the problem still persists, you’ll need to replace the entire control board. In addition, you can check your model by checking if the error code has appeared in the last few months.