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How to Play Roslyn on the Ukulele

If you are looking for how to play Roslyn on the ukulele, you are in the right place! This song is fun and easy to play, but it will take some practice before you get it right. Once you have mastered it, playing it will come as second nature! Here are a few tips to help you master Roslyn on the ukulele! We hope you enjoy learning how to play Roslyn on the ukulele!

Firstly, try counting out loud to help you keep the rhythm. Remember, Roslyn does not use standard 4/4 time. Counting out loud helps you stay on time, especially when you’re starting out. The final chord of the song, the d, is played by plucking all strings at once. The first string of the ukulele is tuned one octave higher than the standard guitar string. This makes it sound like the high E string is open.