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How to Make an Infinity Cube Out of Paper

There are many benefits to learning how to make an infinity cube. They are easy to make, and they are a great way to keep children occupied and entertained. This simple, yet effective, activity is perfect for kids and adults alike. Despite the fact that it is a relatively simple project, children should always be supervised when using scissors. In fact, many people report that this activity makes them feel fidgety and focused!


A paper infinity cube is a fun, educational, and stress-busting toy that can be remodeled infinitely. All it takes is six different colors of construction paper, basic craft tools, and about an hour of your time. You can even make it on a rainy day! To start, fold a piece of paper into a parallelogram and glue the two outer flaps together. Glue the two outside flaps together, making the cube complete!

The next step is to cut a circle out of colored paper. This will help you in taping the cube together. Make sure to follow the same pattern each time, so that the cube will match up correctly. Once you’ve cut out each circle, tape the two halves together. Once the two halves are taped up, the infinity cube is ready to be folded. This project is great for kids!


If you’ve ever wanted an infinity cube but couldn’t find one, try making one at home! This easy project is the perfect solution for the fidgety kid in your life. The cube is basically a puzzle made of paper and can be solved by flipping and rotating the paper pieces. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can even make a remix using your own drawings.

To create an infinity cube, start by arranging the cubes in two rows of four. One row should be the color of the opposite color, while the other row should be the same color. Then, you will need to use clear tape to attach the top and bottom rows together. Fold one side and place the other over the tape to form the flaps on the sides. Repeat the process to make all four rows of four of the same color.


You can make a paper infinity cube for children to play with as a stress reliever or simply as a toy. Using six different colors of construction paper, you can create an infinity cube that’s infinitely re-modelable. The process will take about an hour to complete, and you can even complete this craft on a rainy day. To get started, simply fold a piece of construction paper into a parallelogram. Then, fold the other side into a triangle.

To create the first phase of your cube, fold the two pieces of paper in half. Once they’re open, fold the side edges to match the crease line. Repeat these steps five more times to complete the cube. Once you’ve completed the first phase, you can continue with the second phase. After you’ve finished the second phase, fold the third rectangle over the flaps of the second rectangle. Then, tape the final two sides together and glue the final rectangle.


If you’re looking for a new fidget toy, this simple DIY can be a great solution for your child’s needs. This infinity cube is made from plain wooden cubes and can be manipulated into accordion-style arrangement. Kids can decorate their own infinity cube by using washable markers and wrapping the blocks in different patterns. To make the infinity cube even more engaging, you can buy different-sized cubes and create different setups.

For older children, a Chinese Checkers board is a fun way to make a fidget toy. All you need to make it is a plywood piece, a jigsaw, and paint or stain. For older kids, a tic-tac-toe board and Xs and Os will do the trick. Make sure you have a pencil handy as kids can get quite competitive with their own infinity cubes.