how to fix irs error code 2001 1404

How to Fix IRS Error Code 2001

When you try to log into the IRS website, you are greeted with a sea of red text. Thankfully, this error code can be fixed very easily, but it is easy to get confused by it. Here are some tips to fix this error code:

First, check your TIN. The IRS stores records with your SSN attached, so an error message indicating you entered an invalid TIN may be a red flag. The fix is easy – look for your primary TIN on your return. If you have multiple TINs, specify the primary one and leave the other two blank. Otherwise, the return will be misplaced and may be misfiled. If you’ve emailed your tax returns, you should be able to see your refund in a few days.

An error code indicating that your last name or SSN don’t match is caused by an incompatible data set provided by the SSA. If you have a dependent whose SSN ends in 1234, you’ll find a message that says Additional Information XXX-XX-1234. If you see this, you must check your last name and SSN against SSA data. If there’s a mismatch, you’ll need to amend your return on paper and file it.