how to fix error code u1 2315 on samsung printers 3229

How to Fix Error Code U1 2315 on Samsung Printers

If your Samsung printer keeps displaying an error code u1 2315, you may have a faulty fuser unit. This issue can be fixed by removing and reinstalling the fuser unit. Otherwise, you may need to contact Samsung Printer support for help. Here are some simple steps to follow if you are unable to solve the problem on your own.

First, check to see if the temperature of the Fuser Unit is abnormal. If the temperature of the Fuser Unit is not normal, the printer will stop. You may also see a message that reads S2-3321 or S2-3421. If you do not have a service manual, you can try to search the internet to find solutions.

If the error persists after the fuser unit is replaced, you may need to perform a number of steps. For example, if you have a fuser unit that has been removed, install it again and check the fuser unit’s connection. Also, make sure the input voltage is normal and the thermistor is clean.

Sometimes the problem is the paper jam. In such cases, you may need to clean the paper path and replace any defective parts. In addition, if the paper jam is inside the machine, clean the paper path. You can also try entering Tech Mode and running the main motor tests. Then, turn the printer off.