how to fix cub cadet error codes 1140

How to Fix Cub Cadet Error Codes

If your Cub Cadet is giving you trouble starting and you are getting error codes, it may be time to change your fuel filter. This simple step is easy to perform; simply remove the fuel line from your Cub Cadet and clean it thoroughly. Next, replace the fuel filter. Be sure to position the fuel line so that it points in the right direction. This will prevent the engine from getting a poor start. Now that you know what to do to fix Cub Cadet error codes, you can go out and enjoy your new toy in no time.

Before you can perform any repairs, you need to check the engine’s speed. If the engine is speeding up, it may be due to overheating. To adjust the engine speed, refer to the operator’s manual. If the speed of your Cub Cadet is slow or pulsating, the fuel pump may be failing. If the fuel is spilt, replace the fuel filter. If this is still not working, replace the fuel pump.

Another common Cub Cadet error code is ‘Oil Injector’. Check the gas cap for leaks and debris. Clean the filter with a fuel siphon pump or add a fuel additive like Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Also, be sure that the fuel tank vent is unplugged. A plugged fuel cap vent prevents the Cub Cadet mower from drawing gas from the fuel tank. This will help you to troubleshoot this problem and fix your Cub Cadet lawn mower.