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How to Fix Common Pentair Pool Heater Error Codes

If you own a Pentair pool heater, you should know about the error codes that it might display. Basically, E01 and E126 refer to the open temperature sensor. Other causes of this error code are defective sensors or bad wiring. Here is an overview of the most common problems that a Pentair pool heater might have. Keep reading to learn how to fix them and keep your pool safe from unnecessary damage.

E05: If your pool heater is emitting an E05 code, it indicates that the ignition system is failing. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a rusty or bad igniter, as well as the base heat shield louvers. If you are experiencing E05 error codes, you should contact your heater’s manufacturer to get it checked. Once you diagnose the problem, the next step is to determine the cause of the error.

ERR IGN: The ERR IGN code indicates that the ignition system has failed. There are a number of causes for this problem, including a malfunctioning ignitor, faulty thermal regulator, or bad float switch. In such a case, you’ll need to replace the heater or get it repaired. ERR IGN codes may also indicate the faulty ignition system. If you’re experiencing this problem, contact your Pentair Service Technician to determine the cause of the error and repair it.

AGS: When the water temperature on your pool heater exceeds 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re experiencing an AGS error. Pentair pool heater error code AGS will disable the front panel buttons. If you’re still unsure of what to do next, you can call their technical support line for assistance. During the malfunction, the temperature sensor will be disabled. Depending on the type of error code, your heater may need to be repaired in order to prevent further damage to your pool.

If the temperature on your unit is under 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius), then you’re experiencing a low-pressure problem. This may be due to a shortage of refrigerant gas, or a faulty low-pressure control. If the water flow is low, it could be due to a problem with the water pump. However, if this problem is not your first time dealing with a low-pressure problem, it’s worth calling your local Pentair Service Center for assistance.

Error codes R13 and R14 indicate that your Pentair heater is experiencing trouble during the startup routine. Although these error codes are not an actual error, they can indicate problems with the safety circuit components, the membrane pad, or the control board. However, if the error code is displayed before any of these other errors, it’s worth contacting a technician. If the problem persists, consult a manufacturer’s technical support representative.

If the E02 error code appears, your Pentair MiniMax NT pool heater has tripped its high limit sensor. This high limit device opens an electrical circuit and shuts down the heater based on the water temperature. A MiniMax NT heater contains two high limit devices. These devices are located on the main inlet/outlet header. You’ll need to trace the voltage from the sensor loop to confirm the problem is not with the heater.