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How to Fix a 07 Impala That Won’t Start

The first step in figuring out how to fix an 07 Impala that won’t start is to check the fluid levels in the car. To do this, you’ll need to pull the hood release lever, walk to the front of the car, and open the hood. Make sure the transmission fluid, oil, and coolant are at the proper levels. You’ll want to add fluids as necessary if you don’t have them at this point. If the fluids are low, the engine will have trouble starting, and may need to be replaced.

Next, check the battery. A healthy battery should have 12.6 volts or more. A volt meter can give you a rough idea of how much power the battery has. If the battery is showing more than 12.4 volts, it may be in bad shape and won’t crank the engine.

If you hear noises when you try to start the engine, it could be an ignition switch problem. If the noise is intermittent, the fueling system, fuel pump, or fuel line may be the problem. In some cases, professional diagnostic testing is required to determine which part of the car is at fault. If you suspect a fuel system problem, consult a mechanic. It is likely that there’s a faulty fuel filter or fuel line.

If the above steps fail, you should inspect the grounds between the battery and engine. The cables should be free of corrosion and rust. Clean the cables with sandpaper if necessary. If you’re still unable to start your Impala, you can try replacing the starter motor. This is a simple and inexpensive way to fix an Impala that won’t start. You can use the same procedure to diagnose the other component of the engine, but with more caution and care.

A battery problem is another common reason why an Impala won’t start. It’s common for a battery to develop corrosion when its acid contacts metal. This can lead to a loss of connection and reduced current flow. If you notice corrosion on the battery’s terminals, a simple cleaning may solve the problem.

Another possible problem is the power cable. A loose or corroded connection can cause your Impala to quit cranking. A faulty starter solenoid can also cause this problem. To determine which component is causing the problem, check the voltage regulator and battery terminals.

If the battery is low, you should check the ignition solenoid for a problem. If you don’t see a voltage drop on the gauge, you should take the battery to the nearest GM dealer. If this doesn’t solve your problem, try checking the trouble codes stored in the computer.

If your vehicle won’t start after cleaning the cables and cleaning the battery posts, you may need to replace the solenoid. Other problems can be caused by corrosion in the battery post connections, the distributor or module, or the starter assembly. You should also check the ignition and spark plug wires for any corroded components. Clean these components as necessary. Cleaning these parts is important in preventing future problems from occurring.