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How to Draw Thor With His Hammer

If you want to learn how to draw Thor, you can start by drawing his hammer. It is the symbol of power and might in the Norse mythology. Using short lines and curves, draw the handle of the Mjolnir. Add shadows to finish it off. Use your favorite coloring tools to create this iconic piece of mythology. You can also check out some online tutorials to learn how to draw Thor with his hammer.

When you learn how to draw Thor with his hammer, you will have fun drawing this god of thunder. Thor was the god of thunder and lightning. The hammer he wields is known as Mjollnir, and it always returns to him like a boomerang. The story behind the hammer’s origin is interesting. It is believed that a giant named Thrym stole it so that he could marry the goddess Freyja.

As with any drawing, adding some colors is satisfying. Thor’s outfit is mostly blue and his eyes are blue. The rest of his body is gray. Add a small bit of color to his beard and hammer. Add subtle shadows to the hammer and helmet for depth and contrast. Lastly, add details to his armor. You will enjoy creating a masterpiece of the Thor mythology.

The hammer is a popular part of Thor, so you can use it as a focal point for drawing the mythical hero. Many children’s toys depict depictions of Thor with his hammer. Some even practice ancient Norse religion and wear a pendant of Thor’s hammer as a symbol of faith. You’ll also need pencil, eraser, and paper. You can also choose to use crayons.

Next, draw the handle of Thor’s hammer. Without a handle, the hammer would be difficult to hold and wield. Start with a line to represent the handle, ending in a rounded portion. Finish by drawing a curved handle and adding some colors. Thor’s hammer can now be drawn holding it or hanging from his belt. After you have completed the drawing of Thor’s hammer, you can add your own ideas or embellishments to the hammer by shading and adding details.