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How to Draw Anime Shoes

If you’ve ever wondered how to draw anime shoes, this tutorial will show you how. First, decide what kind of shoe you want to draw. Anime and manga typically feature footwear with high heels. The high heels of these shoes tend to have few details. This can make them a bit difficult to draw. It’s a good idea to draw the outline of the foot before moving on to the shoes themselves. This way, you won’t have to worry about making the drawing look like it’s a real shoe.

You can draw anime shoes from different angles. For example, if you’re trying to draw running shoes, you can draw them from the front view or the 3/4 view. You can also draw generic-looking leather boots that don’t have high heels. This way, you’ll be able to see more details in the shoes. If you’re drawing anime shoes with high heels, you may need to draw them from a side view.

After you’ve mastered the side view, you can move on to the bottom view of the shoes. This step is similar to drawing an ordinary foot, except that the area above the body will be as tall as the area beneath the knees. The line that shows the bottom of the foot will probably be placed just slightly above the toes. After this, you can start drawing the rest of the shoes. Don’t forget to include a little detail in the front view and don’t forget that you need to draw the toes as well.

After you have finished the outline, you can start drawing the shoes themselves. First, you need to estimate the position of the foot. If you’re drawing a pair of running shoes, it’s important to draw them from a side view. This will help you gauge the right size for your shoes. Remember to erase the lines that are too thick. You’ll need to erase these lines if you need to. Similarly, if you’re drawing a pair of high-heeled shoes, you’ll have to outline the foot first.

You should also consider the height of the heel. The heel, for example, is usually raised higher than the toes. You should also make sure to add a small space between the toes and the heel. Next, make sure to draw the shoes’ straps close to the foot. Once you have the shape down, you can add details to make them more realistic. For a detailed illustration of a shoe, you should consider using an online reference.