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How to Deal With 2013 Shield Penny Errors

Shield pennies are produced at four U.S. Mint facilities, including San Francisco. Coins minted in San Francisco are called Proof coins and are characterized by sharp details and a mirror-like finish. To determine if your coin is a proof or an uncirculated coin, examine it with a jeweler’s loupe and use cotton gloves to protect your hands. If there are no imperfections, send it for grading.

Although some 2013 shield pennies contain slight mistakes, they still retain their value. For example, an MS66-graded 2013 Shield penny is worth 10 cents. A proof coin can fetch $3. Another type of 2013 shield penny error is a “W” mint mark, which was minted by the West Point branch and is only available for collector sets. However, the ‘W’ mint mark is a rare variation, which has a lower value than its uncirculated counterpart.

An off-center 2013 penny can be worth $5 to $10, while a coin with a full date and mintmark is worth $50 to $100. A 2013 BIE coin will be very valuable as it is a Lincoln cent, which is highly collectible. If you do find an off-center 2013 shield penny, be sure to save it. If you are not confident about its quality, you can always refer to the guide or check online.

In addition to the “S” proof, you can also look for a 2010-D Lincoln Shield Penny. These are also called ‘S proof pennies.’ The obverse side of a 2013 Shield Penny contains a Union shield. If you find one of these, you can sell it for a premium. However, the majority of these 2013 shield pennies are worth only their face value. They are merely worth $0.01 and will not bring you much profit.