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How to Clean Moissanite

If you have a Moissanite jewelry piece, you are probably wondering how to clean it effectively. The good news is that cleaning Moissanite jewelry is actually fairly easy, especially if you use a few simple tips. Read on to discover how to clean Moissanite. Here are a few tips to keep your Moissanite jewelry looking brand new! This article will walk you through the steps involved.

Use a non-toxic jewelry cleaner. Liquid jewelry cleaners will not harm your Moissanite jewelry and will remove dust and film without harming the gemstone. To avoid scratching your Moissanite stone, make sure to use a soft brush to clean the surface. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat if necessary. Moissanite is an exceptionally durable stone, and rubbing it too hard could damage it.

Oil slicks are another problem. While they are not permanent stains, they can be difficult to remove, especially on low-quality moissanite. However, you can remove the oil slick using a silver polishing cream. Keeping a close eye on this problem is essential to maintaining the beauty and luster of your Moissanite jewelry. You can also use a moissanite cleaning solution if you suspect that your Moistsanite is contaminated.

Natural products can also be used for moissanite cleaning. Ammonia is a naturally-occurring substance that is safe to use on moissanite. However, make sure to use protective clothing and gloves if you are susceptible to ammonia. Another alternative to ammonia is to use a cleaning solution made of vodka. It is essential to use protective gear when cleaning moissanite jewelry, as it may contain a high amount of ammonia, which can cause allergic reactions.

Another option for cleaning moissanite jewelry is to use a soft-bristled brush and silver polishing cream. Apply the cream with a soft cloth and scrub gently. Allow the cream to sit on the moissanite stone for a few minutes, then scrub the moissanite with a toothbrush and dry it using a lint-free cloth. Make sure you clean all sides of the moissanite ring carefully and thoroughly to prevent damage to the delicate stones.

A mild liquid soap is an excellent choice for cleaning moissanite jewelry. The soapy solution will help remove light dirt buildup. When you use the soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any excess soap. Once it is clean, dry it using a lint-free cloth to avoid pilling. Lastly, you can use a commercial jewelry cleaner. Make sure to use one that is specifically designed for cleaning gemstones.

Steam cleaning is also a great option for moissanite jewelry. It doesn’t contain chemicals and is an effective way to remove stubborn dirt. The vinegar reacts with the baking soda and will help remove stubborn dirt. Make sure to fully dissolve the baking soda before using it. Otherwise, it will scratch your moissanite mounting. And lastly, always use a soft cloth when cleaning your moissanite jewelry. This method is quick and easy and should keep your moissanite looking sparkling for years to come.