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How to Check Spark Plugs If Your Porsche 944 Won’t Start

If you’re having trouble starting your Porsche 944, you may need to check the spark plugs. They are critical in igniting the air-fuel mixture and can become damaged or fouled over time. Fortunately, it’s an easy process and only takes a few minutes. To check them, disconnect the spark plug wires from the cylinder head. Then, remove the spark plugs from the cylinder head with a socket wrench. If the plugs look damaged, replace them with new ones.

After removing the spark plugs, you need to clean them thoroughly. You should also make sure they are properly tightened. You may also want to check the spark plug wires to ensure that they are not corroded or broken. If you’re not sure what’s causing the spark plugs to misfire, you can also check the spark plug gap using a spark tester. If you don’t have a spark tester, you can also use a multimeter to make sure they’re properly seated.

Another way to check spark plugs if your Porsche 944 won’t start is to replace the DME computer. Most people don’t have spare DME computers, so the only way to do this is to borrow one. Since the early 944 had different injectors, the later DME computer may not work properly with the earlier injectors. Therefore, a DME computer that is faulty will not fire a car with the later model.

Another possible cause for hard starting is the speed reference sensors. The 944 Engine Management system has two sensors for crankshaft position: the Reference Sensor and the Speed Sensor. The Reference Sensor detects where the number one piston is at TDC, while the Speed Sensor tracks the number of teeth on the flywheel. These sensors send signals to the Engine Management Computer (EMC) in the form of pulses. This information tells the ECM how fast the engine is turning, which is in RPMs.

Bad spark can also cause problems with the engine. A bad spark could lead to a stall or poor fuel economy. If you want to avoid these problems, it’s important to check the spark plugs of your Porsche 944. You should also check the wires and the ignition coil to ensure that they are in good condition.

If your spark plugs are not working, you should get a new one. You can get a new spark plug from a trusted retailer. The cheapest ones come with blue loctite. But, if you don’t have one, you can always use the old one. Insert it into the connector and crank the engine. You should see a nice blue spark.

If you still can’t start the car, you should check the injectors. If you don’t hear a click or see a light in the cylinder head, it means the injectors are clogged. If the injectors are clogged, you can try clearing them out with some starting fluid.