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How to Breed an Azurite Dragon Using the DragonVale Community Forum

how to breed an azurite dragon


Azurite Dragons are epic creatures that are born of a frozen rift. The ancients, mistaking the blue hue for an aura, cast a freezing spell to stop the rift. In the process, they deepened the blue hue of the dragon’s scales. These dragons are hard to breed and require special Crystalline habitats. Luckily, there are many ways to breed these majestic creatures.

You must have an azurite dragon in order to breed this type of creature. Unlike other dragons, it can’t breed with other species. The azurite dragon comes from a place called Geria Mines, which is probably Minas Gerais, Brazil. While the ancients thought the azurite dragon was a magical being, we can’t be certain of its origins.


If you’re wondering how to breed an azurite dragon, you’ve come to the right place! Azurite dragons are rare and hard to find, so if you’re looking to expand your dragon collection, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will show you how to breed an azurite dragon using the DragonVale Community Forum. Read on to learn more about this amazing dragon!

To begin breeding azurite dragon, you’ll need a special habitat. This Dragon of the Sky is a type of Crystalline. It can only live in a Crystalline habitat, and it needs a special crystal-like environment to survive. Azurite dragons cannot live in Omnitats. Their habitat requires a special Crystalline environment, so you’ll need to find a suitable spot and provide it with the right food.

Requires two parents

Unlike other dragons, the azurite dragon cannot breed with other species. In the description of this dragon, it mentions the Geria Mines, likely Minas Gerais, in Brazil. Breeding this rare species requires two parents. This dragon can only be bred with two other dragon species. However, there are a few ways to breed this type. Read on to find out more!

To breed an azurite dragon, you must have two blue and green azurite dragons. To breed these dragons, you must have at least two parents and a level 4 dragon. Incubation time is important, as it shows how long your dragons must stay in the breeding den and hatchling egg must stay in the nest. The incubation time also indicates the length of time it will take for your dragons to evolve, so make sure you have plenty of time.

Probability of breeding

The Azurite Dragon is a legendary epic dragon with the Crystalline element. The Azurite dragon doesn’t usually fight and prefers to annoy people. Because of this, breeding them is challenging. Azurite dragons cannot live in Omnitats, but require special Crystalline habitats in order to breed. If you’re interested in breeding one, here’s some information you should know before starting the breeding process.

First of all, you should know that the Azurite Dragon cannot breed with other dragons. It’s said that it is from the “Geria Mines” of Brazil, but this likely refers to the Geria mines. If you don’t know which mines are referred to, it’s likely that this is the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Therefore, it’s difficult to breed it with other dragons.


If you have been wondering how to breed an Azurite Dragon, you are not alone. Many players have been frustrated by the lack of information provided by the Wiki. While there are a few apps on the market that will help you breed dragons, the wiki is outdated and gives only vague information. Listed below are three apps that can help you breed azurite dragons. While there are other resources on the market that will help you breed different dragons, we suggest you follow the guide below.

First, you need to understand the Azurite dragon’s background. This dragon is unique in that it is a descendant of the Malachite Dragon, which was created by the ancients. It evolved after receiving a freezing spell and gained its blue color. While this coloration may seem unattractive, it will not affect your dragon’s genetic makeup. Because of its adapted characteristics, the Azurite dragon is best suited to living in colder climates, making it a good choice for breeding in a Crystalline environment.


If you have been searching for a way to breed an azurite dragon but haven’t yet done so, it’s time you got to the bottom of the breeding process and learn how to breed azurite dragon! The first step in breeding an azurite dragon is finding a suitable place for it. Azurite dragons must live in the Crystalline habitat. It is not recommended to breed this type of dragon with any other kind of dragon.

You can breed an azurite dragon by choosing one of the following three companions. You can use either one or both of these dragons. In order to breed a rare dragon, you must have at least two parents. You can use the Crystal Dragon and Blue Fire Dragon to breed the Moon Dragon. This breed will give you the best chance of breeding a rare dragon. Incubation time refers to the amount of time your dragon will spend in the breeding den. Similarly, hatchling dragons must spend a certain amount of time in the evolution temple before they can evolve.