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How Much to Rent a U-Haul For an Hour

how much to rent a uhaul for an hour

Do you know how much it costs to rent a U-Haul truck? You may need a truck to move a large item, or perhaps you are moving long distances. The costs of renting a u-haul truck vary according to its size and distance. You can also inquire about the environmental fee when renting a truck. This article will provide you with the necessary information to make the right decision.

Cost of a uhaul rental

If you need a moving truck, the cost of a U-Haul rental will depend on the distance you will be traveling. While most rental companies will charge an hourly rate, U-Haul will charge an additional fee for mileage. When traveling long distances, you will be charged an extra $0.50 per mile. If you are not moving across town, you can also book a one-way rental to avoid additional fees.

U-Haul will also charge for gas and insurance, so you’ll want to know exactly how much you can spend before you hire the truck. A typical tank of gas will set you back approximately $60. The company also charges an environmental fee for each rental. This fee is usually around $1 to $5. However, some locations have lower fees. Check with the rental company before renting a U-Haul truck.

Size of a uhaul rental truck

There are many factors to consider when choosing a moving truck. You may not realize it, but the overall dimensions of a truck can be very important, especially if you’re moving across the country or across the world. For example, a 26-foot truck is the equivalent of two car lengths, so if you plan to move a king-size bed, you may need a larger vehicle than you think.

The size of a U-Haul rental truck is an important factor to consider, as it can be a lifesaver if you’re moving long distances. The average sized truck can hold up to 12,000 pounds of goods. Before renting a U-Haul rental truck, make sure to measure the space you’ll be packing. Also, be sure to estimate the cubic feet per fully furnished room.

Prices of long-distance uhaul rentals

The prices of long-distance U-Haul rentals vary depending on the distance you’re traveling. A local move is priced as a flat fee per truck rental, but the cost can vary from one location to another. In addition, the cost for long-distance moves is calculated on a mileage basis, which varies depending on the location, type of truck you’re renting, and date and time of the move.

While the price for long-distance U-Haul rentals is higher than that of other truck rental companies, the price is well worth it. Although it will cost more than a regular truck rental, the mileage allowance is generous and makes U-Haul a good choice for long-distance moves. With its nationwide service, U-Haul beats out most of its competitors when it comes to moving your furniture and other items.

Environmental fee

If you’re renting a truck from U-Haul, be prepared to pay an Environmental Fee. The fee is nominal, ranging from $1 to $5. However, it can make or break your moving truck budget. U-Haul offers various ways to reduce its environmental impact. Read on to learn about these options. In addition, we’ll discuss some ways to reduce the environmental impact of your rental.

When you rent a truck from U-Haul, remember to fill it back up to the same level you put it in before leaving. If you need to refill it, you’ll have to pay a slightly higher environmental fee. The basic rental fee for a truck includes mileage, liability cover, environmental fee, and taxes. If you choose to purchase a damage protection plan, the company offers liability insurance through Repwest.