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How Much is a 2019 D Quarter Worth?

The 2019-D quarter is the America the Beautiful issue in Brilliant Uncirculated quality. This issue honors the lives of American and Marianas soldiers and civilians who gave their lives during World War II. This coin features three distinct sites – the Marianas Campaign, America the Beautiful National Park, and American Memorial Park. Those who purchase this coin should be aware that the quality of this issue is high, as it is proof.

The value of a 2019-D Lowell America The Beautiful Quarter varies widely, from $0.56 to $1.14 depending on the quality and mint strike. However, this coin is worth at least $0.25 in legal tender. Despite this, it is considered incredibly rare and is not composed of precious metals. So, how much is a 2019-D quarter worth? Here are some useful resources:

The 2019 America the Beautiful quarter honors the Northern Mariana Islands. The design of this coin depicts a young Chamorro woman wearing traditional dress, and a plaque commemorating the liberation of Saipan. The coin is a part of the Mint’s America the Beautiful quarters(r) program. The coins are available in both silver and gold finishes and come with full descriptions. You can also purchase individual coins of your favorite national parks.

The 2019 D quarter features the Mint’s “W” mintmark, indicating that the coin was struck at the West Point mint. It is known as the “Fort Knox of silver” and distributes its coins through the Federal Reserve system and to financial institutions. This coin is mixed with Philadelphia Mint quarters. And the Denver Mint is commonly known as the Denver Mint. Its value increases as its condition improves.

East Idaho Federal Credit Union hosted an exchange for 2019-D quarter dollar rolls for cash. In addition to the 50-coin rolls, the Mint distributed free Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness quarters to children in attendance. Collectors can purchase rolled circulation quality quarter dollars for as little as $10. The mint is also offering a special 2019-D Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness quarter for collectors. A new issue of the U.S. Mint coin is slated for release in July.