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How Much is a 2017 D Dime Worth?

What is a 2017 D dime worth? What are its features and benefits? Find out below! This coin is also known as a Denver dime. It is worth $0.10 face value when in circulated condition. However, a 2017 S proof dime will be worth $5! In fact, it’s worth more than the face value! And you can buy them at your local coin shop! Here’s how. Read on to learn more!

Standard 2017 Roosevelt dimes are made of clad composition. However, clad proof dimes, which contain copper and nickel, will sell for more money. US minted proof dimes include P, D, and S proof dimes. The S proof dime has extra detail because it’s minted on special planchets. They’re made specifically for collectors. Look for mint marks on the obverse side of each coin.

A D dime can be highly valued if it has one or more of the following traits: a missing mint mark year or a clipped planchet. These are caused by a mis-feed during the minting process and can fetch you more than $30 on a good day. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find a Proof Dime from 1983S, which can realize values of $1,500.