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How Much Does An Assistant Manager Make?

how much does an assistant manager make

If you’re looking for an entry-level position in management, you may be wondering how much an assistant manager makes. While the salary range is somewhat variable, it can be fairly consistent from city to city. This article will cover salary ranges by city, experience level, and job description. You’ll also learn about the cities with higher wages for this position. Read on to find out more! Listed below are some cities with higher wages for assistant managers.

Salary range

The average salary for an Assistant Manager is approximately Rs5,32,400 per year, or $28,840 per month. This is nearly $38,000 higher than the national average salary for this job title. Salaries for Assistant Managers can vary widely based on their level of experience and the industry they work in. Most Assistant Managers earn in the range of $46,412 to $72,795, with the highest-paid earning more than $95,000.

In California, San Jose, Oakland, and Hayward are the top three places for Assistant Manager salaries. These cities all beat the national average by over $6,545 a year, which is a 22.5% increase! This is one job that may lead to economic advancement. But be sure to read all the fine print! The average salary for an Assistant Manager in California varies widely. However, the region of employment will also have a significant impact on the salary.

Job description

How much does an Assistant Manager make? The Assistant Manager works directly under the Lead Manager, which is a senior-level position, to implement and coordinate business operations and strategy. They also oversee the performance of employees, and are often tasked with responding to customer and employee inquiries via email. As the name suggests, an Assistant Manager manages all aspects of the business, from the hiring process to the execution of the organization’s goals.

While assistant managers don’t have a large amount of direct responsibility for revenue generation, those who receive the highest bonuses are generally involved in this revenue cycle. While only 24% of the workforce in a recent survey did not receive a bonus, 76% received some sort of monetary bonus. The bonuses, typically range from 6% to 7% of an Assistant Manager’s annual salary. Assistant Managers may earn between $42,000 and $150,000 per month.

Experience level

The experience level of an assistant manager will vary from one organization to the next. Most positions require a high school diploma, although some employers prefer candidates who have higher education, such as an associate degree. If you have a college education, be sure to include that information on your resume. Any additional certifications or education should also be mentioned. Assistant managers are responsible for organizing their teams and delegating tasks. They must also be patient and goal-oriented.

An Assistant Manager’s main job duties will depend on the type of company you work for, but their duties will often be similar. They will often have contact with customers, handle customer complaints, and explain the company’s policies. As such, it’s important to know every aspect of the job. They must be well-trained in the company’s procedures and be able to take the reins of the manager in case the latter cannot. They will also be responsible for completing reports on behalf of the manager when the latter is absent.

Cities that pay higher salaries

Depending on your level of experience, the average salary for assistant managers varies from city to city. The more years you have under your belt, the higher the salary will be. Location also plays an important role. Assistant Manager salaries in major metropolitan areas are higher than in smaller communities. The cost of living is usually also higher in larger cities, so consider that when choosing your job location. The following are cities that pay higher salaries for assistant managers.

The average salary for an assistant manager is around $32,000 a year, or $21.5 per hour. The salary of an assistant manager falls in the middle at $36,377, while those in the top 10% make around $71,000 a year. The average salary of an assistant manager can range anywhere from $16,500 to $67,000, depending on education, skills, and employer. To determine the average salary, check the job description.