how do you set an armitron all sport watch 2680

How Do You Set an Armitron All Sport Watch?

If you have never reset the time on your Armitron all-sport watch, you are in for a big surprise. The good news is that there are several easy steps to follow. Press the “ST/STP” or “Reset” button on your Armitron watch, then wait two minutes. The time will be reset to whatever time zone you have set it to. Now, you can enjoy the time in either AM or PM or a different time zone.

Setting the alarm

If you want to wake up at the correct time, setting the alarm on an All-Sport watch is easy. First, press the mode button located on the top left of the watch. You’ll see a display that will flash. Press this button again to set an alarm and cycle through minutes and seconds. Press ‘A’ or ‘C’ to set the alarm. Then press and hold the ‘Mode’ button until the desired time appears on the watch’s screen.

Next, you’ll need to set the time zone for the watch. Most Armitron digital watches have a mode button. Press this button to set the time for a specific time zone. You can also set the time by pressing the ‘A’ or ‘B’ button. When you are finished, simply press ‘C’ again to go back to time telling mode. Once you’ve programmed the watch, you’ll be able to customize the settings for your watch.

Setting the hourly chime

To set the hourly chime on your Armitron All-Sport watch, you need to first activate the Alarm feature. The hourly chime is the feature that sounds every hour. Once activated, it will beep once per hour until the user disables it. To turn off the Alarm, press the ‘A’ button. In the Armitron All-Sport manual, you can also find information on how to disable the Alarm.

The Armitron All-Sport watch sells for less than $20 and is very inexpensive. The watch can also be used as an alarm or timer. However, the hourly chime feature can only be activated if the user has programmed the watch. To do this, you must attach the four metal buttons located at the corners of the dial. The upper right-hand button is labeled “A,” while the left-hand button is designated “B.”

Setting the timer

To set the timer on an Armitron all-sport watch, you simply press and hold the “ST/STP” button. The watch will then display the current time, either in AM or PM or in another time zone. Repeat these steps for the time in any other time zone. To change time zones, you can also use the “Multiple Time Zones” feature on the watch.

An Armitron All-Sport watch is a stylish unisex wristwatch that has a digital readout. It also has four buttons around the outer dial, which enable you to set alarms and set the time. The Armitron All-Sport watch also features a battery-charge indicator. The buttons are easily accessible, and you can even program them with your own personal data. The Armitron All-Sport watch is available in different styles.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, an Armitron Pro Sport will be a perfect companion to your workouts. Its 12-hour and 24-hour clocks are convenient features for those who enjoy the outdoors and jogging. In addition, you can use its Hourly Chime function to adjust the time for your favorite time zone. And don’t forget to change the time on your Armitron all-sport watch by following these easy steps!

Changing the battery

Changing the battery on an Armitron all-sport watch is easy. First, unclip the back strap. Press a finger against the metal covering. Pull back on the strap until the metal covering comes away. Then, remove two 1.5 mm Phillips Pan Head screws. The battery is now removed. Now, you can replace the battery. You can use the same process to replace the battery in other Armitron watches.

To change the battery, first remove the battery clip from the watch. You can use a Swiss army knife blade. Next, take a small screwdriver and pry the battery from the case. Carefully unscrew the latch holding the battery. Once you’ve removed the battery clip, pop out the battery from the watch. Replace the watch back case. If you’re having problems, contact the manufacturer, place of purchase or repair shop.