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How Do Links of London Charms Attach?

If you’ve ever wondered how to attach the charms to your Link of London bracelet, you’re not alone. There are several types of charms available, including a bangle and a ring. The sweetie bracelet, for instance, features five separate rings on which you can easily add charms. These rings are made of sterling silver and are made of elastic. You can easily change the charms on the bracelet as you like, by sliding your fingernail between the wire rings. You’ll find that the split rings look like keychain rings.

The Links of London brand was founded in 1990 and has been a major influence on the world of jewelry. This brand aimed to appeal to a wide audience and eliminated the ‘big event’ aspect of purchasing jewellery. This brand uses the same manufacturing techniques as its gold and silver jewellery, making the designs both comfortable and stylish. There are many reasons to buy Links of London jewellery, including their affordability, stylish designs and excellent customer service.

Another reason to buy Links of London jewelry is because of their extensive charm selection. You can choose from dozens or hundreds of charms for your Links of London bracelet. You can also create your own personal charms using their Sweetie bracelet, which features a series of customizable links. For a fun twist on the charms bracelet, you can also try the Links of London Sweetie bracelet, which comes in a cute little pink box.

The Links of London brand is popular among consumers for their luxurious fashion accessories. Links of London offers many affordable jewelry options for both men and women. They offer many different styles and materials, including leather, cord, gold, and cufflinks. Many of their designs are unique and are suitable for anyone. And, the company’s friendly customer service staff will be more than happy to assist you. However, if you’re shopping online, you’ll have to pay for shipping and return charges. If you’re ordering online, you can avoid paying shipping costs if you purchase over $200 worth of jewelry.

If you’re wondering how to attach your Links of London charms, first you must get your ring. Then, you need to get a split ring. You’ll need a ring with a small diameter and a large gauge. These rings are generally sold in packages and are sized according to their gauge. Choose a ring with the smallest diameter to fit your charm or link.

Some of the charms will come with a lobster clasp attached, while others won’t. If you’re buying charms without a lobster clasp, make sure that the ring’s opening is large enough for the links. You should then use your other hand’s forefinger to press the latch and clip the charm onto the bracelet link. The lobster clasp is similar to the charm clip, but is made from heavy-duty metal. They can be found in silver and brass. They don’t require tools and are often sized just right.

A link lock is another type of clasp that can be used with your charms. It’s a secure way to attach the charms to your chain. A link lock is a jump ring that can be locked into place. You can buy them in both sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold. Click on the link lock option on the charm product page to instantly attach it to your necklace. Then, you can add clasps and split rings to the charms.