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Hippity Beanie Babies

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Hippity is one of the Beanie Baby Bunny Trio. He was born on June 1, 1996. He’s got a white tail, pale pink inner ears, and big floppy ears. He has a green satin ribbon around his neck. His eyes are black buttons, and his nose is pink with thread whiskers. Hippity was named after a poem written for him.

Hoppity beanie babies command a high price, but this is largely due to the errors they contain. Specifically, these errors can include the letters ‘Beanie’ missing from the tag and the incorrect spelling of the word “bunny.” The other common error is when the word Beanie is misspelled as “Beanie”. Another error is when the label does not have two i’s but only one.

Despite the errors, these adorable toys can be valuable collectibles. In some cases, the tags are even counterfeit and have wrong names on them. Nevertheless, these Beanie Baby errors make the toy more valuable. Many sellers on eBay are willing to overprice the toy to make it look like it is ultra-rare.

One of the earliest Beanie Baby errors was on the tag. The original Valentino the Bear carries a misspelled name on the hang tag. This mistake caused a stir among collectors, who thought it made the toy more rare. As a result, the price of the toy went up considerably.

Beanie Babies are highly sought-after and are highly collectible. Due to their limited production, this unique item is more valuable than most Beanie Babies, and therefore, collectors are highly motivated to buy it. But before you spend your money on one of these Beanies, it’s wise to do your research.

In addition to beanie baby mistakes, there are also certain features that make a beanie baby more valuable. First of all, it’s important to check the tags. If they’re damaged, or missing, then they can decrease the value of a beanie baby. Some Beanie Babies come with tush tags made from different materials. Often, manufacturers will use different materials for this, and the tush tags will help identify the generation the toy belongs to.