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Getting an Error While Loading Code Module SSRSresources

When trying to use a custom DLL for SSRS in your project, you might get an error while loading code module SSRSresources. This is an error that occurs because the UE cannot locate the SSRS-related custom DLL with version, culture=neutral, and public key of null. To solve the error, copy the custom DLL to the shared DLL folder. If you’re using the community edition of Visual Studio 2017, you can also copy the folder MyDLL to the shared DLL folder.

UEs may also encounter errors while loading code module srsres. UEs may encounter periodic SRS transmission frequency errors. These errors can occur for a number of reasons, such as when the UE is not configured to receive CSI-RS signaling. In such a case, the UE may need to disable frequency hopping before it receives periodic SRS configuration information.