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Fixing an Xcode Build Error For WebviewGold

xcode build error webviewgold

If you’re seeing an Xcode build error for Webviewgold, you might need to update your version of Xcode. This is an open source iOS app that adds digital objects to real-world photos and videos. The Xcode build error generally comes from a linker file issue. This file is used by Xcode to link the source code with its libraries. If the linker file is missing or modified, it will cause the build to fail. Linker files can be located in different locations on the Mac. In addition, if they are not supported in both locations, the build error will occur.

To fix this, create a new bundle named “webviewgold.” Copy the bundle identifier, then paste it in a new container. Afterward, add the word “group” to the package name. This should result in a new file called “”.

When building your app, you should run the Xcode debugger to check for code dependency errors. It will display the errors on the app’s screen, allowing you to fix them. You can also comment out or delete the code causing the error. You can also try loading the app from a remote URL instead of the native HTML folder.

If you’re using a third-party SDK to write your application, you should check if it’s causing the problem. If so, you may need to rewrite the application. Otherwise, you can rewrite the app from scratch. The problem can also be caused by a third-party library.

Fortunately, there are solutions for the majority of build errors. First, you should make sure you have the right code signing identity and configuration for your project. This should match the target code signing identity. By ensuring your code signing identity and configuration match, you’ll have a much better chance of fixing the issue.

If you’re using WKWebView in your iOS application, you may want to switch to a different framework. This may solve the problem and make the error go away. Likewise, if your iOS application is using another framework, you may have harmed the Xcode build. This may require you to update your Xcode version to get rid of any build mistakes.

If you’re getting an Xcode build error for WebViewGold, you’re likely to need to change your Xcode target. WKWebView is a no-code template for wrapping mobile-website URL content. This is the default target for iOS. Make sure you read and follow the guidelines carefully. Once you’ve done that, you should no longer experience Xcode build error with WebViewGold.

If the Xcode build error continues, try copying and moving the app from your Mac to your iPhone. Then, try it again and see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, try a different platform.