fbapierrordomain error 230 when trying to send messages on facebook 3169

Fbapierrordomain Error 230 When Trying to Send Messages on Facebook

fbapierrordomain error 230

If you receive a fbapierrordomain error 230 when trying to send messages, the problem is most likely related to permissions. Facebook will not share the details of this error, but it means that you have permissions that prevent you from receiving messages. Facebook does not allow you to send messages to users you’ve blocked.

To resolve the error, you should first log out of your Facebook account. Once you’ve done that, you should receive a verification SMS or email. If you do not receive the confirmation email, you can try logging in again. Another common cause of the error is that you have blocked a page, are not opted in to receive messages from another account, or have disabled the Apps Platform.

The problem may also be caused by an invalid file or a missing file. The file may be missing from a virus infection or deleted accidentally. Another possible cause is that the file has been corrupted by another application. This could result in the wrong file or registry key being referenced.

Another reason for fbapierrordomain error 230 is permissions. Facebook may have blocked access to an app by not granting the required permissions to it. If the error is a result of permissions, you may need to re-authorize your account. This is usually done by sending an email or SMS to the email address you used to sign up for Facebook. Alternatively, you may wish to log out and re-authorize your account.