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Dougherty Dozen – Interesting Facts About the Dougherty Dozen

The Dougherty Dozen is an influential group of YouTube personalities with a net worth of $395,177 through 5 Jun 2022. They have a wide following on the video sharing site and their net worth is estimated to increase year by year. The group consists of fourteen kids, aged two to fourteen years, and their net worth is continually growing. Here are some interesting facts about the members of the Dougherty Dozen.

The Dougherty Doezens are a family of 12 members. Their members are Harley, Alicia, Harlee, Bodhi, Jason, Dash, Zoey, Bree, and Zoey. Their story has been featured on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and the Drew Barrymore Show. The Dougherty Dozen are a part of YouTube and Instagram and their videos have 1.2 million followers.

Alicia Dougherty’s Net Worth is estimated to be between $193k and $229k. She has spent the past few months shopping for gifts for her children. It’s worth mentioning that she spent PS1,140 on Easter gifts for her kids. The Dougherty Dozen began just two years ago. The group of kids has already uploaded 687 videos to their channel. Alicia Dougherty is a mother of 10 and a homemaker, and her husband makes about 70k a year.

Alicia Lee Dougherty is a YouTube star who has nearly 4.4 million followers on TikTok. She posts videos related to adoption and food prep. She is also the biological brother of Bree Cindra Summer Dougherty, who was adopted from a residential treatment center. In July 2020, Alicia Lee Dougherty posted pictures of Bree’s birthday with her daughter, Alicia. Alicia Lee Dougherty’s video was viewed over 26 million times.

Josh and Alicia Dougherty are married, but their relationship did not start until later on. Alicia Dougherty, who has been with Josh for 10 years, has been raising the children. Alicia is also the family’s social media manager. Her usernames are all under her name, and she’s even responsible for maintaining most of the family’s accounts on social networking sites. The Dougherty Dozen also has a therapy dog, Zoey.

Despite their fame, the Dougherty family has been in the headlines because of their spending habits. The Doughertys are notorious for spending a lot of state money to promote their causes, while asking for public donations and sponsorships. But despite their wealth, the group is still spending money in ways that can only increase its net worth. So, what can you expect from this group of celebrities? The Dougherty Dozen?