cuckoo rice cooker error codes 1087

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Error Codes

When you get a Cuckoo error code, you know that the cooking process has been interrupted. The main cause for this code is that the pressure sensor is not working properly. The cooker will suddenly increase the cooking time. It is also very likely to break down as the cooking mechanism depends on pressure sensors to work. Here are some ways to resolve this issue. First, clean the inside and outside of the cooker. If the Cuckoo signal is still present, you should replace the pressure sensor.

Second, the “MY MODE” button might be malfunctioning. This can cause the cooking time to be too long. It may also cause the rice to be burnt. Third, check the temperature setting in the “HEAT” button. If it is set to a high temperature, it will cook the rice too quickly. If the temperature is set too low, it will burn the rice. Lastly, check the manual to see if the error code is specific to your model.

If “E” is the error code, try checking the pressure sensor. If the pressure sensor is not working, turn the handle to the “pressure” position. If you don’t have a pressure sensor, check the inner pot for foreign materials. If warm water is placed in the inner pot, the rice cooker won’t operate properly. If the inner pot is not clean, you may be preparing undercooked rice.

The second common error code is “Menu/Selection” that occurs when your Cuckoo rice cooker is in standby mode. This problem may also occur if the water inside is not cleaned out. Make sure to wipe everything with a damp towel to avoid burning yourself or the cord. Also, if there is water inside the rice cooker, you should check the lid to ensure that there is no water inside. If this happens, the rice cooker may become damaged.

Another common cuckoo error code is ‘Cuckoo is out of time’. This code indicates that the device has not been set up correctly. If you don’t know what to do, call a qualified electrician to see if this is the cause. If the issue still persists, you may have to replace the unit altogether. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the cord.

You should not attempt to repair your cooker yourself. This can cause an electric shock or even a fire. Make sure the extension cord is rated at 15A or higher. Never use the cooker near a magnet, as it could accidentally cause a malfunction. Never pour water or rice on the cooker’s inner pot as this could cause damage. Also, do not try to remove the power cord if your hands are wet.

It is important to use the correct measuring cup with the cooker. Most of the time, the measuring cup included with your machine is not of standard US measurements. If you don’t have one, you can still use the water measurements printed on the inner pot. However, it is recommended that you measure out about 3/4 cup of dry rice for every cup of rice in your machine. To avoid this problem, make sure that the water level is at least half a cup lower than the recommended one.