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B&T Magazine Bumper Pad

B&T’s standard capacity 30 round magazine features an impact-resistant polymer body. It also features a chrome-plated steel spring and an anti-tilt polymer follower, as well as precision-engineered feed lips. These magazines also feature a durable bumper floorplate to provide enhanced drop protection and durability in tough tactical applications. In addition, the magazine is designed to protect itself from damage by impacts and other common causes of magazine failure, allowing operators to make informed decisions.

The B&T bumper pad is designed to prevent magazine damage when dropped. It simply slips over the base of the magazine, making installation quick and easy. In fact, B&T even provides a self-adhesive bumper to prevent the magazine from coming loose when dropped. B&T’s magazine bumper is made of elastomer and is easy to install. The magazine will stay in place without a hassle, thanks to a one-step installation.