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Abby Wambles is the New Coffee Mate Spokesman

The new COFFEE-MATE Girl Scout commercial will star Abby Wambles! Known as Abby the Coffee-Mate Girl Scout, she was chosen by a panel of judges from over 600 submissions to appear in the ad. The judges considered submissions from the online community, in-person auditions, and callback rounds. After a careful review of the submissions, Abby was chosen as the new COFFEE-MATE spokesman!

In the commercial, Mckinnon claims to know a lot about coffee because he drinks it every morning. He has hundreds of coffee mate cups. The ad even claims that the creamer is triple churned, which means that it is richer than regular milk. But does this make him an expert in coffee? Perhaps, because he’s been drinking it for years! If he’s so knowledgeable about coffee, then he’s the perfect spokesperson for the brand.