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A Young Girl in Richmond, Virginia, Got Help From Donations to the Safe Harbor Shelter

Avery Sanford, a young girl in Richmond, Virginia, is on the verge of a major crisis. She and her estranged father have not spoken in years, and she has not heard from her father in years. As a result of her father’s inaction, her mother filed a police report and raised the funds to support the Safe Harbor shelter. In return, the shelter received a flood of donations.

Avery Sanford, a high school graduate, was about to start college and her father was on the verge of paying the last child-support payment. But her father had a plan. He was supposed to pay up to $825 in child support, but he was not paying. The final child-support payment was due on May 21, which was nearing the end of the school year. In fact, Sanford was about to graduate from Deep Run High School and go on to attend Virginia Tech. Sanford’s mother wrote to Safe Harbor on May 21 about the drama she had been enduring as she witnessed her estranged father’s’shame’.

Avery Sanford’s father, who owes her $800 in child support, was caught on surveillance video dumping 80,000 pennies on her lawn. Fortunately, the father was caught on camera, because he had accumulated more than $800 in pennies over the years. As a result, the father was sentenced to pay back the money to Avery. Avery’s father is now on the verge of getting jailed after throwing 80,000 pennies on her lawn.

Avery Sanford’s father recently dumped a trailer full of pennies on the front lawn of his Richmond home. Her mother and friends picked up tens of thousands of pennies and donated the entire haul to the Safe Harbor Shelter, a nonprofit that serves survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Avery’s dad admitted that he dropped the pennies, and she was astonished. He later said that he had intended to cause her mom and daughter any pain.

The video shows a man operating an SUV with a trailer attached. He poured over eighty pennies into the dumpster. In response, Sanford and her friends donated the money to Safe Harbor Shelter, a local victim-services organization founded in 1998. Since the story hit the media, Safe Harbor has seen an influx of donations totaling more than $5,000. Sanford has not spoken to her father in several years.