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A Look at Rachel Parcell’s Net Worth

As a successful fashion designer, Rachel Parcell is no stranger to the net worth spotlight. In addition to her clothing line, the Rachel Parcell brand has inspired thousands of followers to start their own fashion brands. Having developed a huge following through her blog, Pink Peonies, Parcell has also created her own line of jewelry. The designer is married to Drew Parcell and has two daughters: Isla Rose and Jackson. She has three sisters, Amy, Meg, and Emily.

The income that Rachel Parcell generates through her blog is very impressive. She receives at least $20,000 from sponsors, such as J. Crew and Celine, and this money adds up to a large sum. Parcell’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million, and it continues to increase. In addition to her blog, Rachel has also launched her own line of clothes and jewelry.

Rachel Parcell is a fashion blogger and social media star. She is best known for her blog, Pink Peonies. Her jewelry collection Pink Peonies has grown her audience to an unbelievable number. Parcell is a gifted adornment creator. In addition to her blog, she has released her own line of gems. Parcell was born in the 1990s, a time of thriving and harmony, and the Internet.

Her blog has gained her much fame, and she is enjoying many new opportunities as a successful businesswoman. Her own jewelry line and clothing line are just a few of her sources of income. Apart from her blog, Rachel Parcell also owns a beautiful house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her family lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. The house has been valued at over a million dollars, and she has three cars.

Rachel Parcell was born on 14 January 1991. She began her blog in September 2011, and has since turned it into a full-time career. Parcell is 29 years old as of 2020. She is a Capricorn and stands at 5 feet 6 inches. If you have been wondering how to increase your blog’s traffic and followers, you can visit her website! You’ll be amazed at how much her audience appreciates your blog!

Rachel Parcell has earned a substantial amount of money through her blog. She has received several honors in recent years, including Utah Social Media Influencer of the Year. She was also invited to speak at Utah State University’s Entrepreneurship Leadership Series. She also has her own fashion line, Pink Peonies, which will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom in March 2020. Besides, her husband is a part-time fashion photographer and a real estate developer. He also has a part-time job as a general contractor.

As a teenager, Parcell began to blog about her fashion tastes. She named her blog Pink Peonies after her favorite color: pink. Her style was so unconventional that she didn’t think anyone else would care about it. In the following years, Parcell became a millionaire thanks to her blog. Today, Parcell enjoys a steady stream of loyal followers. You can read more about her net worth below.